Monthly Newsletter

19 October 2016 | by Asset Resourcing

Article 1: Got Your Eyes & Ears Peeled?  Nine Tell-Tale Candidate Interview Mistakes The meeting room has been booked out; you’ve got your notebook, coffee, a stack of CVs and your best Thursday socks on and you’re settled in for a day of interviews. You’re fresh for the first three or four but eventually they candidates will morph into what seems like a gelatinous mass of cliché after cliché. You need to keep your wits about you. It’s often not what they say but how they say it and there … Continue reading

Monthly Newsletter

19 October 2016 | by Asset Resourcing

Article 1: Facebook. Heard of them? If you haven’t, it’s a social networ….oh forget it. Of course you have but it’s worth us looking at the stats: The company has a market cap of $305 billion, there are1.6 billion monthly users (more than WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram combined), 300m photos are uploaded every day and 300,000 statuses are updated every minute. That notwithstanding, Mark Zuckerberg is now worth $50 billion. It’s safe to say it’s a business that has done pretty well. They have also come top of yet another … Continue reading

Credit Risk Analyst

28 July 2016 | by Asset Resourcing

Credit Risk Analyst SAS-based Credit Risk Consultant required for a global consultancy firm partnering with world leading banking clients. Working with teams of experts on varied and challenging projects, the company offers a dynamic and exciting career opportunity. The company prides itself on internal growth and training and is unrivalled by other consultancies. Applicants will be able to explain Credit Risk models clearly and accessibly. Produce comprehensive and well-structured analytical reports, preferably within Retail Banking and proven development of Risk Rating Models for PD, LGD and EAD estimations. This role … Continue reading

Spring Newsletter

28 March 2014 | by Asset Resourcing

Article 1 – Samantha Tipton is the King… Be honest, are you one of the 46m people a month playing’s Candy Crush Saga? If you thought that number was high, here are some more facts and figures about the game we all get invited to ten times a day on Facebook – 61m ‘likes’ on Facebook One in seven people in Hong Kong are regular players In the US Apple iStore, daily revenues are around $630,000 It’s the third most popular free app as well as the highest grossing … Continue reading

Valentines Newsletter

13 February 2014 | by Asset Resourcing

Article 1 – 2014’s ‘’Must-Have’ Tech for Recruiters Every week there seems to be an 18-month old tech business with three employees and no balance sheet being bought by Google or Facebook for three billion dollars making the business-boy CEO richer than Australia. The trouble is most appear to rely on teenagers taking pictures of each other. Thankfully for the more cerebral, there are a host of applications, tools and software out there that are incredibly useful for recruiters, candidates and clients alike. Here are the best ones to look … Continue reading

January Newsletter

27 January 2014 | by Asset Resourcing

Article 1 – Jobseekers – How Mobile Are You? 2013 saw a staggering 48% year-on-year increase in jobseekers searching available roles from their mobile devices. suggest that 34% (up from 23% y-o-y) of their incoming traffic comes from smartphones or tablets. The same company also report that people completing and submitting applications via mobile device has risen by 68% thanks in part to Google Drive, the search behemoth’s online storage facility. There has been growing demand for greater mobile functionality when it comes to job searching and Google have … Continue reading

December Newsletter

27 January 2014 | by Asset Resourcing

Article 1 – Say ‘hello’ to Samantha Tipton! Asset Resourcing is growing! At the start of December, Samantha Tipton joined the team as European HR Consultant. Here she is in her own words (mostly…) – AR: What does an average day look like for you?ST: In a word – busy. In some more words, I am involved in the full 360° recruitment service and that includes business development. Building my own desk involves lots of emails, phone calls and working my way through LinkedIn. I’m monitoring who’s recruiting and I’m … Continue reading

November Newsletter

27 January 2014 | by Asset Resourcing

Asset Resourcing – November Newsletter__________________________________________________________________________________ Article 1 – November Jobs Report Every month, Asset Resourcing’s MD Ben Sweeting contributes to a report detailing the current state of the UKs recruitment, jobs and staffing market. It’s put together by the REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation) and auditors KPMG and this month the numbers are as positive as they have been for a while… Overview Highest increase in permanent salaries and overall vacancies in six years Candidate availability is slowing Growth in permanent and temporary appointments Staff Appointments 43% of respondents noted … Continue reading

October Newsletter

27 January 2014 | by Asset Resourcing

Asset Resourcing – October Newsletter__________________________________________________________________________________ Article 1 – Tech Bites – This Month: Are you taking the P…? We’ve lived through coal, gas and electric power. We’re currently focussing our attentions on wind power, solar power and hydro-electric power, but there’s a new power source that’s taking the world by storm – the power of wee. Don’t expect to see wee-powered cars or homes anytime soon, but the videogames market is about to take a shot across the bows with a new type of game control. Captive Media are a … Continue reading

UK Labour Market

27 August 2013 | by Asset Resourcing

For all businesses, the summer is traditionally a slow time. People go on holiday and take time off, less business gets done and it’s a time to take stock of where you are and plan your strategy for the second half of the year. We’re the same, save for one exception. We’re getting busier and it’s down to two fundamental elements. Our service offering to clients and candidates is the foundation stone upon which our entire business model is built and also, theUKlabour market is on the rise. As members … Continue reading