It’s All Go at AR this Summer!

9 July 2013 | by Asset Resourcing

Traditionally, the summer is when everything slows down, and for good reason. While we’re all basking in the collective national glory of Andy Murray’s sensational Wimbledon win, a veritable thrashing of the Australians by the British & Irish Lions and at the time of writing, a potential series whitewash in The Ashes, we can all be forgiven for taking some time out, enjoying the weather and generally having a breather. That is unless you work at Asset Resourcing. The recruitment industry (as with all industries) suffers during periods of fiscal … Continue reading

Two New Starters at AR Towers

12 June 2013 | by Asset Resourcing

It appears that after some delay, the summer is finally creeping up on us. We’re almost halfway through 2013 and we don’t know if it’s just us (or the sunshine), but there appears to be a renewed optimism both from our candidates, clients and the workforce in general that things are starting to pick up. As you know, we’ve moved closer to Ben’s favourite bar and Michelle’s hairdresser into bigger premises so we can further serve our ever-expanding client base with the best IT & New Media jobs, the best … Continue reading

The Importance of Pre-Recruitment Checks

10 May 2013 | by Asset Resourcing

As employers in the process of recruiting new staff, you have a legal obligation to ensure that each new employee has a right to work in the UK but more than that, you have a moral and ethical obligation to ensure that you have the best interests of your business at the forefront of your considerations. Here at Asset Resourcing, in addition to sourcing outstanding candidates for outstanding roles in IT & New Media, Accountancy & Finance, Admin & Clerical and Sales & Marketing, we also believe in offering what … Continue reading

We’ve moved!

18 April 2013 | by Asset Resourcing

When we started Asset Resourcing, we knew we had a sound business model, we knew we had the relevant industry experience and we knew we had a good enough service offering to compete in what is a crowded marketplace but what we didn’t know was if a) we were going to be successful and b) just what our growth might look like. Our growth over the last few years has been down to a number of elements. Working hard and diligently for our clients for sure, but also by identifying … Continue reading

Why Recruiters Aren’t Calling You Back

8 March 2013 | by Asset Resourcing

The signs are there that the UK economy is slowly coming out of the funk we have found ourselves in for the past half-decade. House prices are rising (slowly), unemployment is falling (slowly) and there are almost 600,000 more people in work today than there was a year ago. At Asset Resourcing, we are adding new roles every day across all our service areas – IT & New Media Jobs Admin & Clerical Jobs Accountancy & Finance Jobs Sales & Marketing Jobs And we are seeing a consistently high calibre … Continue reading

How To Win Over Your Potential Employer

3 February 2013 | by Asset Resourcing

Potential employers make up their mind about you between six seconds and three minutes of you sitting down in front of them. You did read that right. Six seconds. Everyone’s attention spans are getting shorter and when it comes to impressing the person to whom you’re asking for a job, money, benefits and other assorted perks you have less time than you think, so what should you do? 1. Make a good first impression. It may sound obvious these days, but a firm handshake, solid eye contact, a positive demeanour … Continue reading

Hello 2013, Hello Georgina!

9 January 2013 | by Asset Resourcing

So, how was your Christmas and New Year? Incident-free and full of food, drink and a determination that 2013 is going to be your best year ever?  Yes, us too. January is a notoriously miserable month. The credit card needs to cool down, it’s cold, wet and grey outside and we all trundle back into work to be faced with hundreds of emails, a backlog of work that will seemingly take months to clear and there are people coughing, spluttering and moaning all over the place. We repeat, it’s generally … Continue reading

Justin & Christmas

5 December 2012 | by Asset Resourcing

Welcome to December’s blog from Asset Resourcing. We hope you noticed that we refrained from using the word ‘Christmas’ in last month’s blog? The TV adverts start in August, the shops start putting up decorations in September and from here on in, it’s all you’ll see and hear but from a business and recruitment standpoint, the early bird most certainly gets the worm. For a lot of companies, Christmas is the key selling point of the year. It’s when a good percentage of business gets done so it’s imperative you … Continue reading

Computer Games = Jobs…

8 November 2012 | by Asset Resourcing

It’s an all too common stereotypical scenario. If you can’t get a job, you sit around playing computer games all day. While that may be true for a miniscule group of people, for most people in the job market, if you can’t get a job, you spend time looking for a job, knocking on doors (literally and metaphorically) and speaking to recruitment companies like Asset Resourcing who will go all out to find you what you’re looking for. The reason why we’re talking about computer games this month isn’t to … Continue reading

No job, no prospects, no hope…

1 October 2012 | by Asset Resourcing

…or so says the headline in a two-day report in the Evening Standard a week or so ago. The report was focussed on youth unemployment inLondonand it’s hard to argue with the facts – There are 120,000 16-24 year-olds unemployed inLondon(almost one in four) Almost 50,000 claim Jobseekers Allowance The annual cost of JSA to the taxpayer is £145m 24,000 have been unemployed for more than 12 months The report highlighted a number of specific cases, including that of Sana Babar, a sixth-form leaver who has applied for a staggering … Continue reading