20th February 2018

Tough times for professional staff? Maybe, maybe not…

9 July 2012 | by Asset Resourcing

There’s no getting away with it, the UK is in recession. For many of us, when we hear that word, we immediately think ‘job cuts, redundancy and unemployment’ and it seems our fears aren’t without justification. However, in any economic climate, the most talented and committed will always find work and in amongst the doom and gloom, there are bright spots… In the second quarter of 2012, the private sector hired an additional 205,000 people than were hired in Q1 yet jobs for professional staff are still less prevalent than … Continue reading

Just Do It

5 July 2012 | by Asset Resourcing

Call me mad but I enjoy exercise, in fact I really enjoy it. Why? Because not only does it keep me fit and healthy but I can rely on a run, a swim or a gym session to wake me up in the morning, get rid of the “fuzzy office head feeling” we all get by lunchtime or calm me down after a particularly hectic day. With busy lifestyles, work, kids, social activities, exercise is in my mind the best way to escape from the “madness” and hopefully de-stress whilst … Continue reading

Hot Weather, Cool Clothes?

11 June 2012 | by Asset Resourcing

It seems a bit ironic writing a blog post about summer dress codes given the inclement weather we’ve been having but adopting a coherent dress code for the summer months is a difficult and time-consuming aspect of compiling your employee’s corporate policy information. The majority of employers have a dress code policy concerning clothing requirements but for most, it’s basic common sense. Relaxed summer dress codes make working conditions more bearable, especially on really hot days and even the commute into the office can feel like you’ve done a hard … Continue reading

Stressed with work? Could Reiki be the answer?

31 May 2012 | by Asset Resourcing

For most of us work is good, it’s a place to be creative, meet new people and of course make money, but from time to time work can be stressful. The word stress gets used so flippantly today that few of us probably really know what stress is. The Health & Safety Executive’s formal definition of stress is:   “The adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them at work.”   Sound familiar?   Today’s world is so fast moving that few of … Continue reading

Every day is a schoolday

28 May 2012 | by Asset Resourcing

iOS Development(s) I was fortunate enough to run a successful iPhone Recruitment Agency during the boom of the App Store. I’ve seen a lot of changes in the space of several years. Back in the day (OK, only three years ago) it was all about paid Apps – that’s where the money was being made. Developers could be hired in for a reasonably cheap price and then the success of the App would be able to offset the cost of a developer. However it didn’t always go to plan, as … Continue reading

A stream of thought about Social Media….

18 May 2012 | by Asset Resourcing

Social Media, a low key version of the paparazzi? I often have Tweets on my feed or articles on my Facebook news feed slandering some celebrity or another or exclaiming how their outfit seen in Glamour magazine really wasn’t that flattering. I suppose it’s what you can expect when Facebook asks the younger generation or the media frenzied “what are you thinking?” Is Social Media simply a tool to update friends on exciting new happenings in your life and share photos from memorable events? Is it a free advertising tool? … Continue reading

Are You Getting The Time Off You’re Entitled To?

10 May 2012 | by Asset Resourcing

The summer holidays are fast approaching and if you’ve either booked already, or haven’t booked but are about to, have you got enough holiday days left over? If you have, that’s good forward planning but if you haven’t, you might be in a bit of trouble trying to explain that away to your boss. May’s blog is about letting you know what your statutory holiday and time off entitlements are but allow us to preface everything we’re about to tell you with this – ALWAYS check with your HR guys … Continue reading

Another New Starter At Asset Resourcing

13 April 2012 | by Asset Resourcing

As you know, being able to attract and retain the best talent in your industry is – or should be – a priority for any business and at Asset Resourcing, we are inclined to practise what we preach. We have grown into one of the most successful and reputable recruitment agencies thanks not only to the levels of service we offer our clients and candidates, but also the people who work here. The latest addition to Team AR is Annabel Dorrington who joined us in March 2012 as a Recruitment … Continue reading

Is The Contract Market On The Up?

12 March 2012 | by Asset Resourcing

The simple answer to this question is ‘yes, it would appear so’. We could of course end the blog post there, since we’ve asked a question then answered it, but you know by now that Asset Resourcing doesn’t do half measures. We do what it takes to ensure our clients and candidates are happy by offering an unrivalled service across our four industry sectors – IT, Admin & Clerical, Accountancy & Finance and Sales & Marketing. Getting back to the original question, the outward signs are positive. Hourly rates are … Continue reading

Is Your Boss a Nightmare?

10 February 2012 | by Asset Resourcing

Welcome to February. We’ve had snow, we’ve had the Englandfootball manager resign and we’ve just celebrated The Queen’s 60th anniversary of her ascension to the throne. All in all quite busy and we’re only in the second week of the month. The same goes here at Asset Resourcing although our busyness is limited to making sure our candidates find great jobs and our clients secure first class employees and we haven’t let Jack Frost, Fabio or Liz stand in our way! The start of the year is traditionally associated with … Continue reading