A stream of thought about Social Media….

18 May 2012 | by Asset Resourcing

Social Media, a low key version of the paparazzi? I often have Tweets on my feed or articles on my Facebook news feed slandering some celebrity or another or exclaiming how their outfit seen in Glamour magazine really wasn’t that flattering. I suppose it’s what you can expect when Facebook asks the younger generation or the media frenzied “what are you thinking?” Is Social Media simply a tool to update friends on exciting new happenings in your life and share photos from memorable events? Is it a free advertising tool? … Continue reading

Are You Getting The Time Off You’re Entitled To?

10 May 2012 | by Asset Resourcing

The summer holidays are fast approaching and if you’ve either booked already, or haven’t booked but are about to, have you got enough holiday days left over? If you have, that’s good forward planning but if you haven’t, you might be in a bit of trouble trying to explain that away to your boss. May’s blog is about letting you know what your statutory holiday and time off entitlements are but allow us to preface everything we’re about to tell you with this – ALWAYS check with your HR guys … Continue reading

Another New Starter At Asset Resourcing

13 April 2012 | by Asset Resourcing

As you know, being able to attract and retain the best talent in your industry is – or should be – a priority for any business and at Asset Resourcing, we are inclined to practise what we preach. We have grown into one of the most successful and reputable recruitment agencies thanks not only to the levels of service we offer our clients and candidates, but also the people who work here. The latest addition to Team AR is Annabel Dorrington who joined us in March 2012 as a Recruitment … Continue reading

Is The Contract Market On The Up?

12 March 2012 | by Asset Resourcing

The simple answer to this question is ‘yes, it would appear so’. We could of course end the blog post there, since we’ve asked a question then answered it, but you know by now that Asset Resourcing doesn’t do half measures. We do what it takes to ensure our clients and candidates are happy by offering an unrivalled service across our four industry sectors – IT, Admin & Clerical, Accountancy & Finance and Sales & Marketing. Getting back to the original question, the outward signs are positive. Hourly rates are … Continue reading

Is Your Boss a Nightmare?

10 February 2012 | by Asset Resourcing

Welcome to February. We’ve had snow, we’ve had the Englandfootball manager resign and we’ve just celebrated The Queen’s 60th anniversary of her ascension to the throne. All in all quite busy and we’re only in the second week of the month. The same goes here at Asset Resourcing although our busyness is limited to making sure our candidates find great jobs and our clients secure first class employees and we haven’t let Jack Frost, Fabio or Liz stand in our way! The start of the year is traditionally associated with … Continue reading

What’s Going To Happen In 2012?

10 January 2012 | by Asset Resourcing

Well there’s a leading question to start the New Year! One thing we can be sure of is that Asset Resourcing will continue to offer unrivalled service to clients and candidates across our four industry sectors – IT, Admin & Clerical, Accountancy & Finance and Sales & Marketing. As far as the recruitment industry goes (and this is relevant across virtually all industry sectors), the future is notoriously hard to predict but we are sure that mobile technology, social media and what is referred to as ‘the cloud’ will be … Continue reading

Our newest recruit!

12 December 2011 | by Asset Resourcing

**IMPORTANT – CHRISTMAS OPENING HOURS** THE OFFICE IS OPEN AS USUAL ON THE 28TH, 29TH AND 30TH DECEMBER AND WE’RE BACK IN ON TUESDAY 3RD JANUARY 2012 BUT WE WILL BE ON HAND THROUGHOUT THE HOLIDAYS SHOULD YOU NEED US. December is always a busy month for us. We are making sure all our clients are fully staffed and prepared for the Christmas holidays as well as going about our day-to-day business of being on of the most innovative, successful and ruthlessly efficient recruitment companies in Hertfordshire. We have blogged … Continue reading

Legislation Changes

10 November 2011 | by Asset Resourcing

We’ve had another great month at Asset Resourcing. Last month’s blog post was on recruiting and retaining the best talent and we have already spoken to quite a few of our clients who are concerned they’re not doing enough. This is yet another example of why Asset Resourcing is one of the most talked-about recruitment agencies in Hertfordshire. We listen to what our clients say and respond. As always, we have the best candidates and the best jobs in IT, Accountancy, Admin & Clerical and Sales & Marketing. Get in … Continue reading

Another Great Month

11 October 2011 | by Asset Resourcing

It’s been another great month here at Asset Resourcing. We have an ever-increasing pool of fantastic candidates for the best jobs in IT, Accountancy, Admin & Clerical and Sales & Marketing and our clients are already planning temporary cover for the Christmas holidays. How well prepared are you for when your key staff take their holidays and time off over Christmas? If you need any information about holiday cover, have a read through September’s blog, it tells you all you need to know. Recruiting the best talent This month, we’re … Continue reading

Wow! What a busy month at Asset Resourcing Towers!

18 September 2011 | by Asset Resourcing

Our day-to-day business of sourcing the very best candidates for the very best jobs in IT, Accountancy, Admin & Clerical and Sales & Marketing continues at pace, but we were also invited to tender for the opportunity to supply IT staff to Bupa, the global healthcare provider who have 11m members in 200 countries round the world. We spent a great deal of time and effort in preparing and submitting the tender document and we’ve just been informed that our stage one submission was successful. We are now preparing a … Continue reading