Welcome to Asset Resourcing’s new website

9 August 2011 | by simon

Welcome to the first blog from Asset Resourcing’s fantastic new website. Over the coming months we’ll be keeping you informed, entertained and up-to-date with the latest goings on in the world of recruitment as well as internal news and staff introductions, tips, hints, thoughts and ideas and essentially anything we feel that will help you get the maximum benefit from Asset Resourcing – YOUR recruitment company. For now, we want to invite you to have a read through our new website and familiarise yourself with the new layout. We’re really … Continue reading

Employees Stay Put

15 May 2011 | by Michelle Scott

I’m hearing more and more of my candidates tell me they intend to stay put in their current jobs because of concerns about job security even though there are opportunities out there. Most have no plans to change employers in the foreseeable future fearing they will become victims of last in, first out syndrome if their new employer is subsequently forced into a cost cutting exercise. If this scenario applies to you then please call us for a confidential career crossroads session with one of our experienced consultants or visit … Continue reading

A Message For Spring

1 February 2011 | by Michelle Scott

It’s clear that the perceived poor state of the labour market is acting like a dam holding back the normal flow of talent. Once job opportunities increase, however, dissatisfied employees will vote with their feet and leave, making it important for employers not to take the loyalty of their people for granted. Employers need to be careful to avoid complacency. The recession may keep their best people with them for now, but they need to take the time to focus on building employee engagement by providing employees with clarity around … Continue reading

Will Harford Joins The Team

10 October 2010 | by Asset Resourcing
Will Harford

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Will Harford to our consultancy staff. Will joins us with significant experience of developing mutually beneficial relationships with clients across industry. He will add further strength to our team delivering the full gambit of IT & Business Intelligence recruitment services to clients nationwide. An advocate of the “go the extra mile” mantra, he is ready and waiting to discuss your recruitment needs right now! Call him on 01582 46 99 22 or email will.harford@assetresourcing.com

Speed Networking – The Business Club West Herts

29 July 2010 | by Asset Resourcing

Great speed networking session last night. I was filling in for Adam at this The Business Club – West Herts event and really benefitted from this quarterly fixture on their calendar. A dynamic, fun, business-generating event, it is designed to build connections and start new business relationships – and it works! During the Speed Networking I had the chance to promote Asset Resourcing to 72 other attendees (business owners and representeatives of local SMEs) on a table-by-table basis and made connections that I’m confident will lead to new business. There … Continue reading

Dealing With Flu

20 July 2010 | by Ben Sweeting

Whilst we have only had one temp fall ill with swine flu so far I thought it prudent to do a little research into what you guys should be doing to prevent further outbreaks in your offices.  It’s just practical steps we can all take to maintain business continuity within our businesses and those of our clients, thus preventing exposing any part of the workforce to increased risk of infection and illness. Prevention To reduce the risk of catching or spreading the virus everyone should: cover their mouth and nose when … Continue reading

Asset Resourcing and BNI

8 March 2010 | by Asset Resourcing

Asset Resourcing Ltd is proud to be a member of Business Network International (BNI). This is a group of business people I know and trust who offer a variety of trades and services. Please feel free to ask me to recommend someone the next time you need help. Alternatively, have a look at the website www.bni-chariots.co.uk

New Year Quote

5 January 2010 | by Ben Sweeting

“It’s all in the marketing – if you call the economic slowdown a recession, it sounds bad. Call it a Credit Crunch and it sounds like a new ice cream by Ben & Jerry’s.”Ed Byrne

Interesting Times

26 November 2009 | by Ben Sweeting

Interesting times. In fact, fascinating times from an Economic point of view. The newspapers will no doubt continue to be filled with doom and gloom for a while to come yet and there will no doubt be casualties out there with redundancies and companies going in to liquidation. However, the more I think about it the more I believe this represents a real opportunity for us. We will need to be focussed on what we do and commercial about who we do it with. I believe that there are more … Continue reading

Our Message To Candidates

21 November 2009 | by Michelle Scott

All work and no play at the moment. It’s my Birthday, but no sooner are the presents unwrapped than I’m back in work mode and keen to get my thoughts on the blog. We need to be our usual sensitive selves right now as many of our Clients will be nervous and some may be quite downbeat. There is plenty to be upbeat about so we must be the positive voice in amongst the grumbling crowds. Most people will prefer to do business with those talking positively rather than being … Continue reading