20th February 2018

Dealing With Flu

20 July 2010 | by Ben Sweeting

Whilst we have only had one temp fall ill with swine flu so far I thought it prudent to do a little research into what you guys should be doing to prevent further outbreaks in your offices.  It’s just practical steps we can all take to maintain business continuity within our businesses and those of our clients, thus preventing exposing any part of the workforce to increased risk of infection and illness. Prevention To reduce the risk of catching or spreading the virus everyone should: cover their mouth and nose when … Continue reading

Asset Resourcing and BNI

8 March 2010 | by Asset Resourcing

Asset Resourcing Ltd is proud to be a member of Business Network International (BNI). This is a group of business people I know and trust who offer a variety of trades and services. Please feel free to ask me to recommend someone the next time you need help. Alternatively, have a look at the website www.bni-chariots.co.uk

New Year Quote

5 January 2010 | by Ben Sweeting

“It’s all in the marketing – if you call the economic slowdown a recession, it sounds bad. Call it a Credit Crunch and it sounds like a new ice cream by Ben & Jerry’s.”Ed Byrne

Interesting Times

26 November 2009 | by Ben Sweeting

Interesting times. In fact, fascinating times from an Economic point of view. The newspapers will no doubt continue to be filled with doom and gloom for a while to come yet and there will no doubt be casualties out there with redundancies and companies going in to liquidation. However, the more I think about it the more I believe this represents a real opportunity for us. We will need to be focussed on what we do and commercial about who we do it with. I believe that there are more … Continue reading

Our Message To Candidates

21 November 2009 | by Michelle Scott

All work and no play at the moment. It’s my Birthday, but no sooner are the presents unwrapped than I’m back in work mode and keen to get my thoughts on the blog. We need to be our usual sensitive selves right now as many of our Clients will be nervous and some may be quite downbeat. There is plenty to be upbeat about so we must be the positive voice in amongst the grumbling crowds. Most people will prefer to do business with those talking positively rather than being … Continue reading

Elite Networking Events

10 November 2009 | by Ben Sweeting

Understandably, recent Elite networking events have centred on the current challenging market we find ourselves operating in. Those who’ve been through this before are almost exclusively stronger for it and the reasons why become obvious when you think about it. On the face of it every bit of economic news coming at us is negative. However, we remain extremely upbeat for the following reasons: If Unemployment is rising (which it is) then more Candidates are available and Clients can choose more from a range of possible talent rather than having … Continue reading

Highly Commended

7 November 2009 | by Asset Resourcing

I am delighted to share with you all that we were judged “highly commended” at last night’s Rising Stars ’08 Bedfordshire & Luton Business Excellence Awards 2008. The Mayor of Bedford presented the award to myself and Jane (our accountant from CNHA http://www.croucherneedham.com/).


30 October 2009 | by Michelle Scott

One of my favourite times of the year is Halloween. Not just because it gives you an excuse to scare someone but also because I know that my birthday is only round the corner. My birthday is also just long enough away from Christmas for me to warrant a whole new set of presents just as I’m getting bored of the old new ones, lucky me! Talking of presents, the New Year is the natural time for resolutions to be made and the gift of a new job, or a … Continue reading

A Candidate’s Tale

28 October 2009 | by Michelle Scott

Rachel N, Luton:“My consultant asked if I’d mind submitting an entry to tell other job hunters about my experience, so here goes: I just wanted to say thank you for securing me my new job; I love it and it was such a simple process. I uploaded my CV through the website and got a call straight back to discuss my situation and the type of thing I was looking for. 2 days later I got the call to tell me a job that was a perfect match had been … Continue reading

So How Are You Finding The Market?

23 October 2009 | by Ben Sweeting

This of course is a commonly asked question to a recruitment consultant and one which is being bandied around even more readily in these strange and turbulent times. Well at Asset Resourcing we can only answer that relative to our own experiences and it must be said, it’s been a busy few months. However, as with any shift in the economy, the effects aren’t always instantaneous and perhaps the picture will be a little different in the coming months, but only time will tell. Certainly we have not had endless … Continue reading