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SAS Article #5 How far is too far?

14 June 2018 | by Asset Resourcing

How Far Is Too Far?   We’ve spent the last few months talking about Statistical Analysis Software, the SAS recruitment market and big data, but what happens when the thirst for the collection and granular analysis of data gets out of hand?   They Know My Birthday, Who Cares?   A valid point. There’s not much anyone can do armed with just your birth date. And it is also fair to say that each individual data element is completely inert. But, if you combine enough individual data elements in just … Continue reading

SAS Article #4 – Doublespeak – Can You Do Science AND Business?

23 April 2018 | by Asset Resourcing

You’re either a scientist or you’re in the corporate world, right? Wrong. The two are converging together and data analysis graduates who can stand up in the corporate world are becoming incredibly sought-after. And the money, oh, the money… Take the case of Maria Jimenez. She is a Colombian graduate who believed that in order to get a foothold in the ultra-competitive corporate world, she would need an MBA. Not so, as she found out. Her first job was in the IT department at Tecnoquimicas, a Bogotá-based pharmaceuticals company. After … Continue reading

SAS Article #3 – Wanted: Consultants not Contractors

19 April 2018 | by Asset Resourcing

Wanted: Consultants, NOT Contractors Ask every management consultant in the world what the most common question they get asked is and they will come back at you as one – ‘what do you actually do’? While it’s not as bad as estate agents or cabbies, consultants get a bit of a bad rap. The (generally misunderstood) feeling is that they parachute in for a few weeks picking up two grand a day, commandeer an office, take a series of condesecending meetings with the infantry and tell you very little about … Continue reading

SAS Article #2 – HR & Data

19 April 2018 | by Asset Resourcing

Wanted: HR Managers with the Interpersonal Skills of Florence Nightingale and the Statistical, Analytical Brain of Sherlock Holmes. So says Keith Nicholls, Director of Global HRIS at Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc., a Texas-based company providing products and services for the aviation industry. It’s nothing to do with the US-obsession for standout 19th century British figures per se, rather more and more businesses including UWA are looking for people who ‘understand how to pull data, how to use business intelligence tools, how to create dashboards.’ They want people who can … Continue reading

SAS Article #1 – What is Statistical Analysis?

19 April 2018 | by Asset Resourcing

Welcome to the first in a series of articles about SAS – Statistical Analysis Software. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be delving into different aspects of SAS and letting you know in a very subtle way that we are one of the leading SAS recruiters in the southeast… It’s a question asked every day by forward-thinking businesses – how can we get (and stay) one step ahead of our competitors? Are you familiar with the scientific principle of Occam’s Razor? It essentially states that with all factors taken … Continue reading

Read all about it! Asset Resourcing featured in summer edition of

7 September 2017 | by Asset Resourcing

Summer Newsletter

7 September 2017 | by Asset Resourcing

Article 1: THE TRUTH: What We REALLY Get Up To ‘Working From Home’   Before we get into that, the caveat to this story is that the study we refer to wasn’t conducted by a recruitment industry body or a global HR firm or even a local recruiter, it was carried out by online bed retailer Time4Sleep….   The option to work from home makes a job more attractive to 42% of the 1,000 surveyed and the study considered how factors including being able to sleep at work (!), flexible … Continue reading

Spring Newsletter

7 September 2017 | by Asset Resourcing

Article 1: Recruitment & Homelessness: It CAN Work   Here are three short stories that with everything going on in the news will reinforce your belief that there are genuinely good people in the world…   Story #1: A Chicago-based non-profit called Bridge to Success clothes homeless jobseekers for interviews. Their website says; ‘The mission of Bridge to Success is to enhance employment opportunities for at-risk, low-income and no-income men, women and young adults by providing high-end interview and workplace appropriate clothing, coupled with coaching, to build self-confidence through appearance, … Continue reading

Christmas Newsletter

7 September 2017 | by Asset Resourcing

Article 1: Seven Vital Graduate Recruitment Lessons EVERY Employer Should Read   Serial bloggers, a City-based recruitment software company have identified seven key graduate recruitment lessons from their writings and musings this year. Here they are and they have the real ability to reduce time and costs, make recruitment more productive and perhaps most importantly, make sure you get the right person, first time.   Incorporate Gamification If you don’t already know, gamification is ‘the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people … Continue reading

Summer Newsletter

19 October 2016 | by Asset Resourcing

Article 1: Q: How Has Brexit Affected the Recruitment Industry? A: Badly. Really badly. Oh, you want more? OK. In a scathing indictment of the Brexit fallout, the Financial Times said that the UK job market was in ‘freefall’. Referring to a press release from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), the FT article says that recruiters have reported the steepest drop in permanent placements for seven years. From bad to worse, the depressing presser was sent out a day after the Bank of England predicted a rise in unemployment … Continue reading