Employees Stay Put

I’m hearing more and more of my candidates tell me they intend to stay put in their current jobs because of concerns about job security even though there are opportunities out there.

Most have no plans to change employers in the foreseeable future fearing they will become victims of last in, first out syndrome if their new employer is subsequently forced into a cost cutting exercise.

If this scenario applies to you then please call us for a confidential career crossroads session with one of our experienced consultants or visit www.assetresourcing.com/assetresourcing-career-crossroads.html

A Message For Spring

It’s clear that the perceived poor state of the labour market is acting like a dam holding back the normal flow of talent. Once job opportunities increase, however, dissatisfied employees will vote with their feet and leave, making it important for employers not to take the loyalty of their people for granted.

Employers need to be careful to avoid complacency. The recession may keep their best people with them for now, but they need to take the time to focus on building employee engagement by providing employees with clarity around career paths and setting work that is meaningful to them.

Our Message To Candidates

All work and no play at the moment. It’s my Birthday, but no sooner are the presents unwrapped than I’m back in work mode and keen to get my thoughts on the blog.

We need to be our usual sensitive selves right now as many of our Clients will be nervous and some may be quite downbeat. There is plenty to be upbeat about so we must be the positive voice in amongst the grumbling crowds. Most people will prefer to do business with those talking positively rather than being depressing.

So that said, what is our message?

  • This is a good opportunity for Clients to review the talent pool.
  • It is also a great opportunity to pick up some new talent. The best people are looking around for good opportunities and forward looking employers. Candidates will respond well to Clients who present their “Value Proposition” well i.e. those Clients that use a Professional Recruitment Partner to promote their employer brand (this means us!!)
  • Every Client should rightly focus on getting value from all suppliers. In terms of recruitment this means that shouldn’t be paying significant fees just for kids doing telesales and CV Searches with no depth. Recruitment should be about getting people in who will drive the organisation forward through being highly motivated because they really fit well in to their new company. To achieve this they need to work with a professional partner (again, this means us!)
  • A focus on value is a focus both costs and profitability. Costs are minimised through getting recruitment right first time. Maximising profitability is about getting the right fit, and having upbeat, motivated people rather than demotivated staff who bring everyone else down….
  • And the final point; the economy in recession, but only fractionally. The circumstances surrounding the Banking Crisis are unique and they will unwind themselves eventually. In the meantime, we’ve avoided inflation rising further which could have become a real problem, Interest Rates are lower and will be lower still, and underlying demand for housing still outstrips supply, so we’ll be back to normal relatively quickly. We will all come through this stronger, and conditions, which are probably over-hyped in the real Economy, will improve.

One of my favourite times of the year is Halloween. Not just because it gives you an excuse to scare someone but also because I know that my birthday is only round the corner. My birthday is also just long enough away from Christmas for me to warrant a whole new set of presents just as I’m getting bored of the old new ones, lucky me!

Talking of presents, the New Year is the natural time for resolutions to be made and the gift of a new job, or a new body are normally top of the list. At Asset Resourcing we are already in great shape to give tips for career advancement and are always ready to help you unwrap a new opportunity.

To best take advantage of opportunities out there it is definitely worth setting up our website on your favourites list and keep checking the positions we have available. If you haven’t already registered with us, click on the Upload your CV buttons found throughout the site.

A Candidate’s Tale

Rachel N, Luton:
“My consultant asked if I’d mind submitting an entry to tell other job hunters about my experience, so here goes: I just wanted to say thank you for securing me my new job; I love it and it was such a simple process. I uploaded my CV through the website and got a call straight back to discuss my situation and the type of thing I was looking for. 2 days later I got the call to tell me a job that was a perfect match had been uploaded to the site by a local employer and next thing, I was sitting in front of the them at my interview. We clicked straight away, I had my official induction that same afternoon and started proper the following Monday. I panicked when I was first made redundant, but looking back it’s the best thing that could have happened – thank you Asset Resourcing.”

Asset Resourcing Top Another PSL

We are extremely proud to have been appointed the sole first stage supplier of accountancy staff to property management firm, Peverel OM’s, Estate Accountancy department based in Luton. Wholly owned by Consensus Business Group (CBG), Peverel employs over 300 staff in their Bedfordshire branch. My Co-Director, Ben Sweeting said: “In the tender process we were up against industry heavyweights with a nationwide presence so I am delighted that our efforts to date have been recognised and that Peverel have faith in us delivering into this, their core operation”.

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