Interesting times. In fact, fascinating times from an Economic point of view. The newspapers will no doubt continue to be filled with doom and gloom for a while to come yet and there will no doubt be casualties out there with redundancies and companies going in to liquidation.

However, the more I think about it the more I believe this represents a real opportunity for us. We will need to be focussed on what we do and commercial about who we do it with. I believe that there are more positives than negatives for us in the current market and in to 2009. Events are playing to our strengths if we are bold enough to take advantage.

It won’t all be plain sailing and it will take a lot of hard work from all of us, but we should look at this as a real opportunity to excel and to further establish ourselves in our marketplaces. I look forward to the months ahead! Our clients and Candidates alike should do too.

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