Call me mad but I enjoy exercise, in fact I really enjoy it.

Why? Because not only does it keep me fit and healthy but I can rely on a run, a swim or a gym session to wake me up in the morning, get rid of the “fuzzy office head feeling” we all get by lunchtime or calm me down after a particularly hectic day.

With busy lifestyles, work, kids, social activities, exercise is in my mind the best way to escape from the “madness” and hopefully de-stress whilst improving general fitness.

I am not a Pilates or yoga type of girl (although I can see the benefits) I need to feel the burn to get my kick. The burn can change my day from bumbling to bouncing along.

I know I am not the only one to feel like this but I wish more people could see how good it can make you feel.

So a few facts from the University of Bristol to support my campaign –

People who exercise on work days are more productive, happier and suffer less stress than on non-gym days.

University of Bristol researchers found that employees who enjoyed a workout before going to work – or exercised during lunch breaks – were better equipped to handle whatever the day threw at them.

It also found that people’s general mood improved on days of exercise but they became less calm on non-exercise days.

So dust off the cobwebs – and whether it is a brisk walk around the block, a few laps in the pool, a cycle ride home, a gym class – do it!!

Half an hour in the morning can set you up for day

Half an hour at lunch can restart your brain and make you bounce back into work

Half an hour after work can get rid of stress and wipe the slate clean for the next day

Michelle Scott, Director

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