Great speed networking session last night. I was filling in for Adam at this The Business Club – West Herts event and really benefitted from this quarterly fixture on their calendar. A dynamic, fun, business-generating event, it is designed to build connections and start new business relationships – and it works!

During the Speed Networking I had the chance to promote Asset Resourcing to 72 other attendees (business owners and representeatives of local SMEs) on a table-by-table basis and made connections that I’m confident will lead to new business.

There was time for informal networking both before and after the structured session so I was able to further develop relationships we have already established with other local employers. I was glad to hear so many stories of other local companies like us not prepared to give in to the recession and subsequently enjoying the fruits of honest graft and quality service.

Membership of the business club has already been rewarding for us (and by default, our candidates). Although it only launched in September 2008 there are now a good number of active local members, and we have generated a number of new customers, business partners and referral opportunities from it. It may sound a bit corny, but of all the networking events I personally have tried it is the best – good fun, relaxed, friendly and already paying back on the membership fee many times over.

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