When we started Asset Resourcing, we knew we had a sound business model, we knew we had the relevant industry experience and we knew we had a good enough service offering to compete in what is a crowded marketplace but what we didn’t know was if a) we were going to be successful and b) just what our growth might look like.

Our growth over the last few years has been down to a number of elements. Working hard and diligently for our clients for sure, but also by identifying markets that are showing real growth, especially in the IT sector, and we have hired talented and experienced Consultants specifically to capitalise on those growing pockets of client activity.

With technology moving as quickly as it is, we are seeing a whole new range of exciting skill-sets as well as whole new range of positions but also it gives us the means to identify, track and engage with the very people who have a genuine need for our services.

While we’re on the subject, the newest addition to our stable of industries we serve is a dedicated Web & Mobile Technology team who can deliver permanent and contract candidates with in-demand Java and iPhone software development skills as well as Business Intelligence, Project Management, Analytics and IT Support roles.

As we go into the new financial year, we have nine fantastic staff and given our current rate of growth, we think it will take around two years to fill the new office to capacity. We’ll then look at taking over The Gherkin but in the meantime, we remain focused on what we do well.

There are plenty of companies (not just in the recruitment industry but across all industry sectors) who put too much emphasis on where the next fee is coming from rather than developing and nurturing long-term relationships with clients and candidates. At Asset Resourcing, this is fundamental to everything we do and ensures we develop a process whereby we are working with and not for the people who literally and metaphorically come through our door.

One of the questions we get asked regularly (*once, by a bloke in the pub) is why should candidates use recruitment companies at all. What’s to stop them going direct to the businesses they are interested in working for? The simple answer is nothing is stopping them but then there’s nothing stopping you from growing your own food instead of going to the supermarket.

We have worked long and hard to gain real insight into our clients and to develop strong relationships with their key hirers. By coming to us you are availing yourself of that intelligence and your CV will find itself directly in front of the right hiring manager and not lost in a ‘careers@’ inbox.

As we’ve said many a time in these blogs, the hard-working, the committed and the talented will always find work in any economic climate and to some degree, we are examples of that. Michelle and I are working as hard as we have always done, but we are also working smart. We will never waiver from offering a 360° recruitment service to clients and candidates but now we are challenging ourselves further to run a successful and growing agency and to take it to a place that we could only have dreamed of a few short years ago.

Moving up the road may not seem like a massive deal, I mean it was literally hiring a van, loading up the stuff and then unloading it again, but we look at it as a metaphor for growth and success and we hope that you will continue to stay with us and grow with us because without you, we are just nine people sitting in a room staring at each other, and we’ve all seen One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

Oh, by the way, we’ve moved 400m down the High Street and I assure you it’s nothing whatsoever to do with the new office being slightly closer to my favourite bar or Michelle’s hairdresser. Oh no. Nothing to do with that at all.

Enjoy the warm(ish) weather and we’ll see you in May.

Ben Sweeting & Michelle Scott, Directors, Asset Resourcing

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