It’s an all too common stereotypical scenario. If you can’t get a job, you sit around playing computer games all day. While that may be true for a miniscule group of people, for most people in the job market, if you can’t get a job, you spend time looking for a job, knocking on doors (literally and metaphorically) and speaking to recruitment companies like Asset Resourcing who will go all out to find you what you’re looking for.

The reason why we’re talking about computer games this month isn’t to indulge our childlike fantasies of guiding Sheffield Wednesday to Champions League glory in Football Manager, nor is it to demolish Los Angeles in Grand Theft Auto. Rather, it’s to talk about the computer games industry and how two of our recruiters, Annie and Justin are firmly ensconced in a recruitment industry sector that is about to benefit from a huge Government-backed boost.

Let’s first look at the facts –

  • The UK games industry is the largest in Europe
  • The global computer games market is set to grow to $87bn by 2014
  • The UK games development sector contributes around £1bn to UK GDP
  • The UK games industry employs 9,000 people, 85% outside of London
  • 95% of UK game businesses export their products overseas

The UK boasts a highly qualified and substantial pool of talent that includes world-class creatives and technical geniuses and from the start of April 2013, Chancellor George Osborne is introducing Corporation Tax relief for the video games, animation and high-end television industries.

Dr. Richard Wilson, Chief Executive of trade body TIGA says ‘this is a brilliant decision by the government and terrific news for the UK video games industry’. He predicted that tax relief for the video games sector would cost £96m, but should safeguard almost 5,000 direct and indirect jobs, offer £188m in investment expenditure by studios, increase the games development sector’s contribution to UK GDP by £283m and generate an additional £172m for the Treasury.

Bobby Kotick, CEO of the world’s largest video games publisher Activision Blizzard added that it these tax breaks are ‘a great first step’.

Said tax breaks should put the UK in a stronger position to compete with other countries offering generous financial incentives for video games production, most notably Canada (where games development has risen by a third).

The lightening quick digital world is awash with new and exciting talent and Annie and Justin have secured first mover advantage by having a clear understanding of the requirements of some of the biggest gaming and development companies in the UK as well as positioning themselves head-on to secure the best jobs for candidates and the best candidates for jobs when the tax breaks come into effect at the start of the 2013 financial year.

More gaming and development companies basing themselves in the UK equals more revenue equals more vacancies and Asset Resourcing can offer you some of the best and most exciting jobs in the industry. We knew this was coming and we planned for it which is why so many companies trust us to deliver, first time, every time.

Over the coming months, keep a sharp eye on our IT vacancies, there are going to be some fantastic careers advertised as the industry explodes and as we mentioned, we are perfectly positioned to take full advantage of the coming boom!

As you know, we also have a broad range of Clerical & Admin, Accountancy & Finance and Sales & Marketing roles. Have a look and see what suits you, then contact us and we’ll bend over backwards to help you.

We’d also like to point you towards our Candidate Clinic where we have endeavoured to give you a series of articles that will add real value to your experience with us. From how to write a killer CV and covering letter to interview tips, information about working hours, maternity and paternity rights and tax matters.

If there’s any aspect of the careers market you’d like more information on but isn’t there, let us know.

Have a great month and we’ll see you in December.

Ben Sweeting & Michelle Scott, Directors, Asset Resourcing

PS: We hope you noticed that not once did we mention the word ‘Christmas’. We’re saving that for next month!

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