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We hope you noticed that we refrained from using the word ‘Christmas’ in last month’s blog? The TV adverts start in August, the shops start putting up decorations in September and from here on in, it’s all you’ll see and hear but from a business and recruitment standpoint, the early bird most certainly gets the worm.

For a lot of companies, Christmas is the key selling point of the year. It’s when a good percentage of business gets done so it’s imperative you are staffed appropriately.

  • Have you made sure you are covered over the holiday season?
  • Do you know precisely when your employees are away and when they return?
  • Have your temp staff been given the appropriate training on your systems and procedures?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no’, now is your last chance to get everything in place to ensure a seamless transition over the Christmas period. Make sure you call us today to guarantee high quality temp or cover staff across all areas of your business – Sales & Marketing; Admin & Clerical; Finance & Accounting and IT.

As we alluded to last month, two of our recruiters Annie & Justin are focussing on the new media industry, specifically web development and app development jobs. It is a massive growth area, not just for Asset Resourcing, but for the sector as a whole and while Annie has been with us for a while, we thought it only right to introduce you all to Justin French, so without further ado…

I have been with Asset Resourcing since November 2012.

My job title is Specialist New Media Recruitment Consultant

In an average day, I get into the office and catch up on my overnight correspondence, double-checking everything from the previous day has been actioned. Naturally every day differs, but there is a constant need to keep generating new business, contacting prospective and existing clients and candidates as well as looking for the right candidates to fill some of the most exciting positions in the digital and media space. If there’s a spare six seconds, I’ll grab a sandwich and a coffee!

I like working at AR because it offers me the challenge of building up new clients and in addition, AR is a solid business with an outstanding reputation, not just locally but further afield and while we’re not the biggest recruitment consultancy in the world, we have proven time and time again that we are more than capable of holding our own amongst the biggest players in the market.

For those with web and app development experience, the future is bright because there are a lot of companies who are expanding their recruitment efforts since the economic downturn and due to the lightning-fast pace of the digital and new media industry, there are some fantastic opportunities for the right people in that space, and especially the mobile gaming sector.

A good day in the office is securing interviews for our candidates which lead on to job offers. I have only been here a short while but it was such a thrill the first time it happened, it drives you on to do more, work harder and get results.

The future of web and app development is notoriously hard to predict. Technology is advancing so quickly and we are finding that there are lot of niche start-ups, all looking for the next billion-dollar app sensation and we are happy to help them in any way we can!

Outside of the office, I work as a Sound Designer and Composer for several small game developers and I have worked on a number of AAA games, including Fable “ and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

So there we have it. That’s Justin and he along with the rest of the AR team is available to you for any and all questions, queries or quandaries you have about the recruitment marketplace.

All that remains is for us to wish you a very happy and healthy Christmas and New Year and we very much looking forward to doing all we can for you in 2013.

Ben Sweeting & Michelle Scott, Directors, Asset Resourcing

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