Traditionally, the summer is when everything slows down, and for good reason.

While we’re all basking in the collective national glory of Andy Murray’s sensational Wimbledon win, a veritable thrashing of the Australians by the British & Irish Lions and at the time of writing, a potential series whitewash in The Ashes, we can all be forgiven for taking some time out, enjoying the weather and generally having a breather.

That is unless you work at Asset Resourcing.

The recruitment industry (as with all industries) suffers during periods of fiscal turbulence but we appear to have bucked the trend. We are busy and getting busier. Year-on-year we are placing increasing numbers of talented staff in businesses around the country in Accountancy & Finance jobs, Admin & Clerical jobs, Sales & Marketing jobs and especially IT & New Media jobs.

It’s no surprise that the world of IT and New Media is moving at lightning pace. The online world is growing far quicker than any of us could have imagined even three years ago and there are more and more innovative, creative companies springing up, all with the vision and foresight to find the next billion-dollar idea, app or website. At Asset Resourcing, we saw what was happening, expanded our IT & New Media department and we are now reaping the benefits.

To this end, we have taken on Sam Davison and we’d like to introduce him to you now.

Hi Sam, welcome to Asset Resourcing! Thanks very much, it’s great to be here!

Can you please tell the readers what your job title is and when you joined the company? Sure, I am a Recruitment Consultant and I joined yesterday (Monday 8th July 2013)!

What do you think an average day will look like for you? I’m hoping that every day will throw up a different set of challenges but generally speaking I’ll focus on new business development and bringing on board new clients and vacancies. My days will be filled with calls to clients and candidates, looking for leads and building my network.

Sounds great! We know you’ve only been here for a total of about 10 hours, but what do you like about working for AR? It’s an exciting office environment – way different from the whitewashed walls and sterile atmosphere I was used to – and the team have made me feel instantly welcome.

You’re welcome! Tell us about how your career has progressed in the recruitment industry. I have been focused solely on IT recruitment and I’ve been lucky that I have worked across the board, recruiting for technical positions such as developers as well as project management and analyst roles so I have a comprehensive understanding of all the different elements that make up IT & New Media. That said, my real interest is within mobile apps and mobile web development.

What areas of recruitment are you looking after and what do the prospects look like for candidates coming into your space in the next 12-18 months? I’m looking to grow recruitment in the mobile technology area. It’s my job but also an interest and I am confident that it’s an area that will continue to grow as quickly as it has done in the last few years as mobile devices and responsive websites become even more integral to our everyday lives.

Where do you see the future of recruitment going in the next 3-5 years? People will always need jobs, there’s no surprise there but it’s the types of jobs that will change. IT used to mean the guy that fixes your computer when it freezes, the guy who unjams the printer or the guy who sets up your email account. It’s not that anymore. The world of technology requires a huge number of people, all with different skillsets, both tech-based and business-based and it’s our job to understand what the industry needs and fulfil their requirements efficiently and effectively. We also need to have an element of psychic ability, in that we need to foresee trends before they happen and be able to respond accordingly. That’s where I see the real value of working for a company like Asset Resourcing. I was aware of their reputation before I came here and I haven’t been disappointed.

Well put! What traits do you consider useful working in recruitment? Tenacity, persistence and determination. I guess these are traits that are useful in any and every industry but especially in recruitment since we all get knocked back but it’s how you respond and move forward that determines how successful you can be, both as an individual, and as a business.

Let’s get onto some lighter stuff now. What is your favourite music/book/food/film and sports team? OK, let’s start with music. I love dance and trance music (I’ve just come back from Ibiza!) as well as hip-hop and rap music. Food-wise, I’ll basically try anything and I won’t say no to something I’ve not tried before, however weird it may be! Books next. I’m a huge fan of Clive Cussler’s action adventures stories as well as writers like Andy McNab. I don’t have a favourite film but I love the slapstick Will Ferrell and Adam Sandler comedies and you can’t beat a bit of old school Lethal Weapon! Sports-wise, there’s only one team for me – the mighty Watford FC. I follow them up and down the country and next season is going to be our year!

Watford fans have been saying that since 1982 so don’t hold your breath. Finally, can we have three ‘out of the office’ facts about you please? 1. I’m a volunteer Special Constable for Hertfordshire Constabulary at the weekends. 2. I love cooking. 3. I have a collection of over 120 pairs of trainers!

Sam, thanks so much for taking the time to speak to us. We know you’ve only just hung up your jacket so it’s appreciated. Now quick, get back to your desk before Ben sees you…

That’s Sam everyone. As always, if you have any questions for Sam or any one of the team about a role you’ve seen or you’re looking for talented, career-driven staff please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Once you’ve calmed down from Murray Mania that is.

If you’re going on holiday, have a great time, enjoy the sunshine and we’ll catch you in August.

Ben Sweeting & Michelle Scott, Directors, Asset Resourcing.

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