It appears that after some delay, the summer is finally creeping up on us. We’re almost halfway through 2013 and we don’t know if it’s just us (or the sunshine), but there appears to be a renewed optimism both from our candidates, clients and the workforce in general that things are starting to pick up.

As you know, we’ve moved closer to Ben’s favourite bar and Michelle’s hairdresser into bigger premises so we can further serve our ever-expanding client base with the best IT & New Media jobs, the best Accountancy & Finance jobs, the best Admin & Clerical jobs and the best Sales & Marketing jobs in Hertfordshire and the surrounding counties, and because we are growing, we are taking on more staff.

To this end, allow us to introduce Ryan Hearne and Ben Bagley. They have both joined Asset Resourcing this week and they have kindly taken some time out of their already busy schedules to chat to us.

AR: Hi chaps, welcome to Asset Resourcing!

RH: Thanks, glad to be on board!

BB: Thank you. It’s a challenge but one that we are both looking forward to.

AR: What’s your job title here at AR?

RH: Recruitment Consultant.

BB: Microsoft Development Specialist Recruiter

AR: What do you like about working for AR?

RH: I could tell instantly that it was a close-knit team, all working towards the same goals and I was really impressed with the general atmosphere in the office. The team works hard but there is a good vibe around the place.

BB: Personally, I was made to feel like part of a family and professionally, I feel that AR has all the tools in place to successfully facilitate any and every requirement, whether it’s niche or on a more populist scale.

AR: How do you think AR stands out from the competition?

RH: My answer is basically the same as my previous answer. Everyone is focused on growing the business and it’s immediately obvious that the team ethic is strong and committed.

BB: In a word – honesty. Asset Resourcing is an honest business. They do what they say they are going to do.

AR: How has your career progressed in the recruitment industry?

RH: I’m in the very early stages of my career and I have to say that it has started very well and I am eager to develop my existing skills and to learn new skills that will set me (and AR) on the road to success.

BB: It’s been predominantly IT recruitment and I have been very lucky to have worked with some global players like VISA, BP and Mercedes-Benz in the development area with professionals using Microsoft-related technologies and as a result, I can confidently call myself a specialist recruiter.

AR: What areas of recruitment are you looking after and what do the prospects like for candidates coming into your space over the next 12-18 months?

RH: I will be focusing mainly on the Business Intelligence side of the business and it does appear I will have my work cut out! We have an outstanding roster of first-class candidates and with more and more businesses looking to recruit over the next year or so, the future is looking positive.

BB: I head up the Microsoft technologies) arm of the business. In regards to what candidates will get from me in the next 18 months, In essence nothing will change from today. Our service deconstructs each individual requirement and formulates a plan of action to give conclusive results.

AR: What constitutes a ‘good day at the office’ for you?

RH: The objective is to get through to the key decision makers and to speak to them to emphasise how we can help them with their recruitment strategies. I’ll also be pouring through CVs looking at immediate and future potential as well as confirming interviews and finalising deals.

BB: Cheesy it may be, but a good day for me is knowing I have given my all for the business.

AR: Where do you see the future of recruitment going in the next 3-5 years?

RH: Throw us in at the deep end why don’t you?! That’s a hard question to answer. I am energised and excited to get my recruitment career underway here at AR and all I know right now is that if you provide a comprehensive service offering that goes over and above just worrying about how much commission we’re going to make, AR will continue to flourish and I’m looking forward to being an integral part of its success.

BB: Due to the rise of internal recruitment teams (and the fall for the companies who did it first), I believe that generic recruiters will disappear and the dawn of the specialist recruiter is upon us. I didn’t mean that to sound like the trailer for a new superhero film.

AR: What traits do you consider useful when working in recruitment?

RH: Persistence, willing to take knock-backs and come out stronger the other side, having excellent communication skills and being able to talk on a level with graduates and Managing Directors alike.

BB: Honesty, hard work, passion, having an attention to detail, resilience and being personable. I guess being six foot two and handsome doesn’t hurt either although you can’t have everything.

AR: What’s your favourite book, music, film and sports team?

RH: My favourite music is House, my favourite food is pizza, I’m not a massive reader but I do like the free Sport magazine you get at tube stations and my favourite film is The Hangover.

BB: Music: Ben Howard or Paolo Nutini. Food: A painful curry. Book: Down and Out inParis andLondon by George Orwell. Sports team:Liverpool.

AR: Can you give the readers three ‘out of the office’ facts about yourself?

RH: Certainly. I love football (although you may notice he declined to mention who his favourite team is – Ed.), the best place I’ve ever been to on holiday isThailand and I have a dog called Rocky.

BB: I am musical so my three are playing drums (to Grade 8 level), playing the piano, playing the guitar and playing the bass (he declined to say whether it was that horribly annoying singing, wall-mounted fish or the bass guitar – Ed.) I know you asked for three, but I gave you four. Is that ‘going the extra mile’ or ‘not listening to instructions…’

So there we have it. Ben and Ryan.  As always, they are here for you to assist, advise and suggest. Please don’t hesitate to call them should you need anything and they will be delighted to help you.

In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine and we’ll see you again in July.

Ben Sweeting & Michelle Scott, Directors, Asset Resourcing.

PS: One last thing, if you’ve left summer temp cover to the last minute, don’t panic. Call us today on 01582 469 922 and we’ll talk you through everything you need to know.

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