As the country is gripped with Olympic fever and we bask in the glory of the phenomenal exploits of, amongst many, many others Ennis, Hoy, Farah, Rutherford and Wiggins, as mere mortals we can just about begin to comprehend the years of hard work, dedication and commitment to their chosen field that has ended with them sitting on top of the sporting world.

Of course hard work, dedication and commitment aren’t just restricted to athletic achievement. To be recognised as a leader in your field, be it business, politics or artisan cheese making, you have to stand out.

Now there are a number of ways in which that can happen. For some, success is based purely on profit. For others, it’s based on longevity but for Asset Resourcing, we gauge success both on the quality and variety of the service we provide to our clients and candidates and also our standing and reputation in our industry. A reputation we have worked very hard to achieve and most importantly, maintain.

For the £20bn a year recruitment industry and Asset Resourcing in particular, membership of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) validates what we do on a day-to-day basis and we are proud to abide by the REC Code of Professional Practice. It gives our clients and candidates the assurances they look for to know that we –

  • Commit to practicing the very best standards of principled and professional recruitment
  • Are recognised as a member of a professional body that upholds best practice
  • Provide the best possible service we can to clients and candidates

Who Are The REC?

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation was formed in January 2000 as the result of a merger of two long-established bodies in the recruitment industry – The Federation of Recruitment and Employment Services (FRES) and the Institute of Employment Consultants (IEC).  The reasons for the merger were simple –

  • To provide a single unified, powerful voice was needed to represent the industry in the face of increasing regulation
  • Demand for education and training across all areas of the industry was increasing
  • The expectations and demands of an increasingly complex industry for benefits and services delivered by a body that understood those needs

If you’d like to read a more complete history of the REC and to find out more about why we are so proud to be members, please click here.

As a business, Asset Resourcing holds Corporate Membership. Essentially, this gives us a key advantage when operating in such a competitive industry. In addition to an extensive range of services and benefits, news and information, we know that we (as a business and as an industry) are represented and have a voice at Government and European levels.

As individual members,  directors Ben Sweeting and Michelle Scott demonstrate to peers, clients and candidates that they are dedicated to best practice and results, that they commit to the industry’s Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct and perhaps most importantly that they are serious about their own professional and personal development in the industry.

If that’s not enough to convince you to use Asset Resourcing for all aspects of your recruitment, all our fantastic staff, Supriya, Annie and Will, are REC members so you are guaranteed that whomever you speak to here, you will receive a first-class, friendly and professional response to whatever it is you need.

It goes without saying that members of the REC or not, Asset Resourcing has always offered a value-added, professional service to everyone who comes through our doors, both physically and metaphorically, from SMEs with three staff to global, blue-chip organisations with hundreds of thousands.

That notwithstanding, we love what we do. We can’t describe the buzz of matching client with candidate, the buzz of helping businesses of all sizes get to where they want to be and especially the buzz of knowing that the people we deal with on a daily basis aren’t just case numbers. In many cases they become our friends and are with us for as long as they need us.

They know that they can approach us and talk to us about any aspect of their staffing needs or careers and that we are always available to offer advice and suggestions.

Give us a try. Ask us anything. We can’t promise to give you scholarly advice on the Wave Particle Duality Principle of Quantum Physics (although we’ll give it a darn good try), but we know recruitment.

We hope you enjoy the last few days of the Olympics and we’ll be back in September with another great blog post!

Ben Sweeting & Michelle Scott – Directors, Asset Resourcing

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