A perfect day at work…?

A list of little perks which could bring a smile to your face during your day, potentially creating the “perfect day at work”.

  • Waking up before your alarm clock and realizing you’ve got lots of sleep time left
  • Opening the curtains and seeing a blue sky and sunshine
  • Opening a fresh jar of coffee and smelling it
  • When you get the milk to cereal ratio just right
  • Stepping into the shower and it’s the perfect temperature
  • Finding money in your pocket that you didn’t even know you lost
  • Turning the radio on and realising your favourite song is playing.
  • Wearing underwear just out of the dryer
  • Wearing your favourite pair of underwear and nobody knows
  • Receiving a “Happy Friday” text
  • Getting a seat on the train during rush hour
  • Peeling an orange in one go
  • Good escalator etiquette
  • Finding a coffee waiting for you on your desk
  • Getting something with actual handwriting on it in the post
  • Paying for something with exact change
  • When your boss leaves early for the day
  • When your laptop or mobile is just about to die but you manage to run and plug it in before it completely shuts down
  • Typing in your username and password at the speed of light
  • When someone compliments your new haircut
  • Getting put straight through when you call a big company
  • When someone’s leaving the bathroom at the same time as you so you don’t have to touch the door
  • When the hold music is actually good and you put it on loud speaker
  • Getting a free lunch off of your loyalty card
  • When the guy who borrowed your pen actually gives it back
  • Spinning on an office chair
  • Finishing early
  • The first sip of a cold pint
  • An easy drive home
  • When the guy with a full trolley lets you go ahead because you’re only buying one thing
  • Takeaway that’s delivered earlier than they said it would be
  • No washing up because you had takeaway!
  • The perfect number of bubbles in your bath
  • Finishing your shampoo and conditioner at the same time
  • A clean and fluffy dressing gown to snuggle up in
  • Your favourite movie is on TV
  • The feeling just before you fall asleep
  • Payday!


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